Grade 10 Program – January Expeditions

All grade 10 students took part in their January expeditions this week, which had them out in the greater community in a wide range of offerings.  Expeditions are divide into 4 themes: Global Citizenship, Arts & Humanities, Career & Life Skills, Fitness & Wellness and throughout the year the students rotate through each theme, before ending the year with a week long “pursuit” trip in the area they are most interested in.

On Tuesday, student had options ranging from Photography to Rock Climbing, Sewing to Coffee Roasting, 3D modelling to Entrepreneurship…the list goes on.  This week, we have grade 10 student William Zhao, who has put together a photo essay of his expedition, Discovery Flight: an introduction to the world of aviation.  Along with a group of students, William had the opportunity to learn about the process of flight training, see the steps involved in earning a pilot licence…and, got the opportunity to fly a plane!


The following was written by Barnacle boy, William Zhao (Grade 10)



When I signed up for this expedition, I was most excited about learning the structure of the plane and compare it to the planes during the pacific war in WW2.  I was curious about their differences and their similarities etc.

The Cessna the group flew on the expedition.


I was most nervous about taking control of the plane.  In the past I have played lots of flying simulators, from type 95 to thunder jets, but I had never tried something like this…taking control of an actual plane!  When we were in the air, the pilot practiced rolling, diving, landing and takeoff and we got to take a turn controlling the plane when we were in the air. 

A view of SMUS from the flight over Victoria.


Today I learned about the symbols on the airfield and understand what they mean, like stopping and check or take off.  I also learned how to read the currents, turbulence and how to avoid areas of rough air,I watched the pilot and his action during landing, take off and switch zones.

Sidney Island.


The most important thing I’ve learned is the age limitation of taking a pilot license,that a private pilot license need to be at the age of 17,and commercial license need to be at the age of 18 and fly more than 400 hours.


The thing I enjoyed the most, was the feeling of flying in the turbulent areas; I enjoyed being bounced around!  I will look at planes with a new appreciation when I fly home on spring break.



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