“Catch Me If You Can”: Barnacle House Takes a Lead Role

Occasionally we have boys in the house contribute to the blog, this post was written by grade 9 student Youssef El Mays.



Many Barnacle boys are involved in this year’s musical. We have several boys who take part in the pit orchestra. As well as two leads and one chorus. This years’ SMUS musical production, Catch Me If You Can, is about a boy who becomes a con artist. He steals millions of dollars from banks and other companies.  It promises to be a compelling story for all audiences!

Until now, the rehearsals are for tweaking small mistakes into perfection. This Saturday, we are having a full run of act two. So far, it is a pleasant and fulfilling experience where uncharted talents are unearthed. Be sure to come and watch, it is being performed from March 1-3rd at the McPhersons Playhouse.

Tickets can be bought online at https://www.rmts.bc.ca/events/catch-me-if-you-can or at the McPherson’s box office.

 Here’s a list of Barnacle boys involved:

  • Mark Finamore
  • Boris Li
  • Lucas Pretti
  • Youssef El Mays
  • Spencer Dearborn
  • Deon Lam
  • Alex Menun
  • Wilson Ye


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