Barnacle & Winslow Building Dinner

Several times in the year the boys of Barnacle House get to dress sharply and head out on the town to one of the many great restaurants in the downtown area in Victoria.  A highlight of the start of the year is the annual “building” dinner in which the boys also dine with the girls in Winslow House.  This is a very fun event, in which the students get to enjoy great food, in great company.

This year’s building dinner was hosted by The Mint restaurant, which specializes in Nepalese food.  The menu featured a delicious curry, rice, salad and fresh bread.  The atmosphere was outstanding, as the seniors in the house helped to decorate the space.  Great music played during the meal to add to the ambiance.

An outstanding time was had by all, which was captured in these photos.



A great space in a heritage building in the downtown core.
Ken, Albert and Charles after the feast.
The boys kicking back and enjoying some post-dinner conversation.
Lewis and Deon looking satisfied. 
A great mixing of the Barnacle and Winslow Houses.
Harper Daly managed to squeeze into this photo with Barnacle seniors Mark, Peter, Duc and grade 10 Jacob. 
A great atmosphere!
Delicious food. 


Barnacle Head of House, Kelvin Wong enjoying his meal. 
Michael, Rodrigo and Josh strike a pose.
Mark with some of the girls from Winslow House. 
Looking good boys.



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