House Games # 2

The second house games was this past weekend, under beautiful blue skies.  The air was crisp, and the boys were excited to compete against the other houses in soccer, as well as a few other options for activities.

Soccer games were held on the field at the senior and junior level, as well as in the gym.  Some of the Barnacle boys opted to earn points for the house in the other games on offer; a photo scavenger hunt and an origami competition.  Above all else, the house games are a great chance for the boys to come together and compete along side each other for fun, exercise, and bragging rights over the other houses.  They build camaraderie and add to the positive culture of the boarding community.

Following the house games, there was a community dinner in Brown Hall, which is the custom on the days the house games are hosted.  The dinner was hosted by Bolton House who arranged a great meal for all, served buffet style.  There was live music and trivia to keep the students entertained before and after the meal.

The action packed day ended with a boarding chapel service, which on this occasion was led by Rev. Keven Fletcher.  It was an excellent culmination to a wonderful day.


Barnacle House Junior Boys Soccer Crew
Mark F. delivering a last second pep talk.
Bringing it in for a cheer.
Ken H. getting in on the action.
Indoor soccer.
The indoor soccer squad with Mr. Daly in the foreground. 
A good looking crew.
Senior Soccer 
Ready for action!

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