Barnacle House Chapel

Throughout the year, each house is tasked with organizing a chapel session to present to the greater boarding community.  These are typically fun, with moments of great speeches, music and often videos edited by the members of the house.  In the past Barnacle House has presented on themes of unity, brotherhood, and last year as our chapel happened to fall on Mother’s Day…a celebration of family.

This year the chapel was framed around the theme of “diversity”.  The idea presented to the community is that the diversity within Barnacle House is what gives us strength, and what makes the house such an interesting and colourful place to live.  In the house this year we have 14 different nations represented under one roof…quite remarkable.

Also, the boys were outfitted with some new Barnacle House hoodies prior to the event!

Here are some photos captured at the chapel…

The embroidered logo on the new house hoodies
Kelvin Wong opening the chapel session.


The boys rewrote a verse from the school song to celebrate the house.


MC’s for the evening, Peter and Duc.
The Finamore brothers with a fantastic piece of music.


Grade 9 student Youssef speaks to the crowd about diversity in the house.


Charles and Yingnou opening the chapel with some breaths.


Tony with the prelude music
Barnacle House!

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