Terry Fox Run 2017

Every start of the year all of the SMUS boarding students bus down to mile 0 on the Victoria waterfront to participate in one of Canada’s largest fundraisers for cancer research, the Terry Fox Run.

While many from outside of Canada will never have heard of Terry Fox, for those who grew up in our country he is a national hero.  Terry Fox was a young man diagnosed with cancer while studying in university, and instead of giving up hope, pursued a dream to run across Canada, from east to west in order to raise money to protect others against this terrible disease.  It would be rare to find a person who has lived for an extended period in Canada and hasn’t participated in a Terry Fox run.  The event happens throughout the country on the same day, and the run the boys took place in over the weekend is the largest on Vancouver Island.

It was one of the biggest turnouts in recent memory, with thousands lining up to run or walk the 5km course.   Many of the boys gave a great effort to finish as fast as possible, but most importantly, all took part.  On behalf of their participation, the SMUS boarding community makes a donation to the Terry Fox Foundation.


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