Barnacle Welcome Week

The first week of boarding is always a wild ride full of events and excitement.  We try to convey to the new boys coming into the house that the intensity of the first week of school does calm into a normal routine.  In the opening days, through various tours, games, workshops and informal activities, the boys see the school, the city and establish relationships with other members in the house…both new and returning.  We have captured many of those events on camera to share with you.

An annual Barnacle event, the city bus tour took place on Wednesday night, which was the first night that all 39 of the boys were in the house.  We toured some local hot spots, visited some nice beaches, and ended the tour downtown for some delicious ice cream.  At one point on the tour, we came across a piano at Cattle Point, and many of the boys stepped up to play a song.  A highlight was an impromptu performance of the school song, led by head boy and Barnacle Senior, Sean Finamore.


On Sunday we had our first House Games of the year, which was called the “House Olympics”.  The boys worked in small groups through a series of stations competing against the other houses.  The games were aimed to get the students having fun, meeting each other…and in some cases, getting wet.  House Games are way for the boys to show pride in Barnacle House and compete for the house cup.

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The boys are now settling in to their first full week of classes, with the routine of the boarding house taking shape.  Most boys have joined first term sports, while others are taking up one of many intramural options.  It is an exciting time of  year, and we have a great energy in the house.  We look forward to keeping you updated on events as they happen in our school and boarding community.



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