Barnacle House Awards Ceremony

The entire house went to Oak Bay Marina this Sunday afternoon to enjoy our final house meal of the year and present some awards to students in the house for citizenship, leadership and athletic accomplishment.  It was also a time to recognize the senior students in the house who will be departing over the coming weeks, as well as those not returning next year.

Prior to any awards presentations, the boys sat down to what is likely the most outstanding brunch in the city, with an amazing view of the Salish Sea and surrounding Gulf Islands.  Oak Bay Marina puts out some amazing food during their brunch featuring classic breakfast items prepared to the highest quality, as well as eggs to order, sliced beef and a delicious assortment of sweet treats.  The boys paced themselves and took advantage of the great food in an outstanding setting.  It was the final meal that will we enjoy as an entire group this year, as students will begin to leave the house this Friday following the closing ceremonies.

Following the meal, we ventured down to the beach where the boys hung out by the water and enjoyed the beautiful sunny weather before the formalities began.  The first boys to be recognized were selected by their peers as the top citizen in each grade.  These were Mark Finamore (grade 9), Max Zhang (grade 10), Sean Finamore (grade 11) and Ryan Hindson (grade 12).  Following this we had our “jock” award, presented to a boy with the most significant athletic achievements in the house.  This was a hotly contested awards this year, with strong runners-up Sammy DeVries and Ryan Hindson- both who had incredible athletic careers at the school.  In the end it was Denis Seigrist who won the award after a year where he was the provincial soccer MVP and a key player on the boys AA boys rugby championship team.

The seniors leaving were then recognized, and each had a grade 11 or house parent say a few words about them before their ‘chopstick’ ceremony, which has become tradition for anyone leaving the house, begun in 2010 by Tom Zheng.  When they enter the house they are presented with a pair of chopsticks, and when they leave they break them in two, taking one with them and leaving one behind in a bundle that grows larger, and stronger, with each passing year.  It is both a celebration and at time of reflection for what each boy has contributed to our community during their time in the house.

Finally, we have a passing of the gavel between the current Head of Barnacle House, to the Head for the next school year.  This year Walid Basher passed the leadership gavel to Kelvin Wong who will be assuming the role for 2017-2018.

The house gathers at the beach.
The boys see who can skip a rock the furthest.
More skipping…
Reagan Daly speaks about Brian Gouw
Mat Geddes with a the chopsticks in hand, speaking about Sammy DeVries
Grade 11 Mark Prikhozhan talks about Walid Basher
Walid and Kelvin pass the Head of House gavel.
A goodbye, and “thank you” for a job well done.
An emotional moment.


George speaks about Kelvin Muk


A warm embrace.
Mr. G talks about Barnacle “united”.
Grade 11 Duk delivers a speech about Sammy.

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