Mother’s Day Chapel

Every year our house takes on running a chapel for the boarding community.  Our assigned date this year just happened to fall on Mother’s Day in mid-May…a perfect theme to build our chapel around!

A dedicated group of boys, led by Head of House Walid Basher, worked to organize the 30 minute event, which required teamwork, creativity and planning.  In the end we put together a chapel that the house could be proud of, and one that the rest of the boarding community could enjoy, including the many mothers who call the campus home.

The theme of “family” was the topic that the boys explored.  Those who spoke did an outstanding job.  Notably, grade 10 students Blake Dearborn and Deon Lam put their names forward to step to the microphone, in what is always a slightly intimidating setting in the school chapel.  Both did an impressive job and spoke fondly of their own families, and the bond they have with their Barnacle brothers.  A nice song was shared by the Finamore brothers, Mark and Sean, and the chapel was hosted by seniors Walid Basher and Denis Seigrist.

Boris Li, a grade 9 student, opened and closed the chapel with a nice piece on the violin.

Barnacle MC’s, Walid and Denis sporting their house shirts.
Deon Lam speaking about his mother in an emotion driven speech.
A beautiful duet, Sean on Piano and Mark with vocals. 
Grade 12’s Ryan and Kelvin closing the chapel. 
Boris Li on the Postlude.

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