Career Day 2017

On January 25th, the Senior School hosted its 8th annual Career Day. Students in Grades 9 through 12 had the opportunity to learn about a wide variety of careers. Presentations from speakers, including more than 15 SMUS alumni, included the usual high-interest specialties – medicine, law and business – and students were also able to sign up to hear about the career paths of people involved in such careers as film-making, engineering, physiotherapy, interior design, performing arts and more.


Following the keynote address, students attended two sessions of their choice and then had the opportunity to attend an after-school networking session for further conversation with presenters, peers and SMUS faculty.

Several presenters were entrepreneurs who outlined their paths towards success. Students and faculty alike enjoyed hearing our guests describe their post-secondary education and their career paths up to the present day. SMUS-SS-CareerDay-16-CCOne interesting discovery for students every year is the remarkably circuitous paths taken by many of the presenters to arrive at the job they presently have.


A highlight of the day was a visit from SMUS grad and current lightweight world boxing champion Jelena Mrjenovich.  Her story to the pinnacle of women’s boxing was an inspirational one that fully engaged the students who attended her session.


SMUS students are getting a head start with the Career Education agenda, identified by the Ministry of Education as a central aspect of the new curriculum being implemented in all schools across the province.


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