Mr. Geddes hitting a solo

On October 30th 2016, the 18th annual Howlapalooza took place. Howlapalooza is a concert of sorts, where the entire boarding community watches. Anyone from the boarding community can take part in preforming songs. At least 26 students preformed at Howlapalooza all from varying boarding houses and varying grades.

Kelvin W. on the bass



Mark F. in a solo performance.

This year we’ve had many groups ranging from a solo from Mark Finamore playing Rolling Stone, to groups that had up to 5 people. Mr Geddes played with a group of teachers wearing all sorts of headwear such as hats and wigs, rocking out to “I will survive”.  During the event there were many situations where many of the audience start waving their phones with the flashlights on. Participants include first timers to the event and 4 year performers of the event. Mr Geddes has run Howlapalooza ever since the start of the event in 1999.


Mark F. changing instruments
Some of the performers posing for a group shot. 










This post and photos were contributed by Barnacle House grade 10 student Deon Lam.  This was the first in a series of student blog posts.


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