Changing of the Seasons in Barnacle House

The seasons have changed on the St. Michaels University School campus.  It’s quite obvious when this happens as the trees that line the school begin to drop their leaves and the maple leaves turn beautiful shades of orange and red.  While we are lucky to be in the rain-shadow of the insular mountains of Vancouver Island, we do get our share of wet weather in the fall, albeit broken up by days of sunny skies and seemingly unseasonably warm weather.  Perhaps the most dramatic of the changes is the shortening of hours of daylight.  As the calendar approaches November, it seems hard to believe that it could really be getting dark at 5pm!

With the fall comes a different feel in Barnacle House.  The school year is settling in and the boys are beginning to get into the meat of their courses.  Relationships are strengthening in the house as the members of the house spend more time together.  It’s really interesting to witness the boys find their niche in the school, exploring areas of interest and tackling new challenges.  There have been a few events which have been a highlight over the past week and this blog entry has some photos which captured those moments.

House Dinner: Romeo’s Restaurant, Downtown Victoria

The Barnacle boys with their Winslow sisters at Romeo’s downtown location.
Yingnuo, Ferdinand and Brian getting refreshed. 
Julius, Wilson and Max strike a pose.
Sean and Peter earned their meal with a soccer game prior to dinner. 
Mark and Deon enjoying the company. 
William and Frank obviously excited about the dinner out. 
Peace.  Kelvin and Leo approve of the venue. 
Sweet 16! Leo gets a nice piece of cake and a beautiful rendition of “happy birthday”.
The boys eagerly anticipating the meal. 
Tristan, the lone man in his booth. 
All smiles. 


House Games: Soccer & Card Building Tower

This past weekend was the second house games of the year.  Barnacle House is the defending house cup champion, but maintaining this title will require a special effort this year.  The boys competed in two events: soccer and a card building tower.  After the dust settled, the boys finished in second place, but only by a small margin.  Barnacle House hosted the community dinner Sunday night and seniors Walid Basher (Head of House) and Dennis Siegrist did an outstanding job hosting the event.


Getting down to business constructing the tower. 
Jonathan putting on the final touches.

Grade 10 Program: Experiential Day

For those students in grade 10, this week was their first “expedition day”, where they moved out of the classroom and learned in a more experiential way.  Students had over 15 options to choose from for the day in four different themes.  The pictures speak for themselves in terms of capturing the diverse opportunities the boys had to pursue an area of interest.


The fishing crew caught a 40 pound Halibut!
Julius during a yoga session. 
Alex and Rodrigo focus during their 3D design session.
Masato was exhausted after his triathlon training. 
Wilson learning how to prepare coffee during barista training. 
A student run coffee company, “School Grounds”, the group roasted 20 pounds of coffee.

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