Terry Fox Run – 2016

From coast to coast across the country, thousands of people took part in what was a historic run in support of the Terry Fox Foundation, and in memory of a Canadian hero, Terry Fox.  It was the 36th annual run that raises money for cancer research, and to date the foundation has raised over $650 million dollars.

While those raised outside of Canada likely have never heard of Terry Fox, he is an inspiration figure within the country.  In 1980, having been diagnosed with cancer three years earlier, Terry set off on his “marathon of hope”, attempting to run across the country from east to west.  His run was tragically cut short after 143 days, after the cancer spread to his lungs.  He died in June the following year, at just 22 years of age.

This morning the SMUS boarding community joined hundreds downtown, and thousands nationwide, as they continued Terry’s dream to raise money for this great cause.  Even though the rain was coming down, spirits were high, and the boys of Barnacle House represented the school well in the 5km run.

Aimee Daly pushing 5 month old Hudson in the stroller.
Al and Roy leading the pack.
Deon looking focused
Hank and Boris enjoying the exercise.
Running with a smile, Kelvin hitting his stride.
Mark was overdressed for the sunny, warm weather along the water. 
Barnacle HP Reagan Daly with Harper riding shotgun. 
Ryan in the zone.
Sean strikes a pose along the course. 
Sebastian looking bright and vibrant.
Spencer nearing the finish line. 
Barnacle newcomer Tristan Kuhn was the 1st place finisher among the boarding contingent. 

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