Defending the House Cup!

The first house games of the year kicked off this Sunday giving Barnacle House their first chance to defend their house cup title.  The games were dubbed the house “Olympics” with the students grouped in teams of 7-8 and rotating through a series of fun and challenging events.  These weren’t your typically sporting contests and winning didn’t come down to athleticism or fitness.  Most required creativity, teamwork…some, just a tolerance of getting a bit wet!

Under a beautiful blue blue sky, the boys kicked things off in style with an amazing house cheer choreographed by our Head of House, Walid Basher.  Senior house parent Mat Geddes commented after that it was simply the “best house cheer he had witnessed in his time in residence”.  It set the tone for the afternoon as the boys competed with enthusiasm and most importantly built camaraderie in the group.

It will be a battle to keep the cup this year, but the boys seem up to the challenge.

Senior Marco focuses while catching the soaking wet sponge. 
Charles also handling the sponge with great care.
Newcomer Mark in full sprint during the cup staking event.
The boys strike a pose in the sharp looking Barnacle House attire.
It takes some teamwork to compete in the group ski event…the boys look up to the task.
Senior Sammy DeVries showing he knows how to look sharp in his number one uniform. 
House prefect Ryan guiding the water from the gumboot into the pipe. 
Ferdinand caught sprinting…and managing a smile at the same time!
William enjoying the action.
Alex leading the group during the puzzle event. 
Looking good boys!
New Barnacle houseparent Jake de Goode monitoring the progress in the cup stacking.
Preparing for the house cheer!

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