Barnacle House Dinner

A few times a year we get to go off campus and enjoy a meal out as a group somewhere around town.  It is a great opportunity to showcase a different part of the city to the boys, or expose them to a new type of food, but mainly it is just a great chance for us to hang out together as a group away from school.

This week we ventured downtown to Market Square, which has great historical significance to the city of Victoria as a once bustling stop-off for gold miners to load up supplies on their way to the interior of the province to seek their fortune.  Our destination was the new Italian pizza restaurant of Famoso which has received rave reviews for it’s delicious thin crust pizza made in their wood fired oven.

Barnacle Senior Assistant Reagan Daly, with Avery and Piper Geddes
The wood-fired oven kicking into high gear to churn out enough pizza to satisfy 45 hungry boys.
Alex, Yingnuo, Jasper, Bryce, Michael, Jameson, Bell and Lucas await their orders.
Tony, looking quite excited, and Deon.
George strikes a pose with Al-Muhallab, with Walid in the background
Kelvin gives a thumbs up, as Hank, Marco and Brian look on.
Spencer and Max cleaned up nicely for the dinner.
Peter and Ken looking a bit camera shy.
The fab 4: Julius, Sean, Duc and Peter

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