Alumni Weekend & Other Barnacle News

Roy O
Roy Oh streaking up the wing, evading the tackle.

This past weekend was a glorious one on the St. Michaels campus, with the sun shining, providing the perfect backdrop for the alumni weekend.  SMUS grads spanning decades returned to the school to reunite with old friends and teachers, as well as take in some rugby action provided by the junior and senior rugby teams.  Several of the Barnacle boys participated in both games, which resulted in victories for both teams.  The senior boys game was the showcase for the day, and in the rematch of the boot game, the boys got revenge in a hard fought 19-17 victory.

Barnacle senior Warren Marriott wrapping up an Oak Bay back.
First XV winger, Lucas DeVries, showcasing some blazing speed in the open field.

SMUS Jazz night filled up the the double gym last week.  The annual Jazz Night (either the 12th or 13th annual, depending on who you talk to…) is a great event for the musicians to let loose and show off what they’ve learned over the year.  For some, it is their first performance, others their first solo, and for many, this performance may be their last at SMUS.



Barnacle House grade 8, Wilson Ye, front and centre in the horn section.
Jason Liao looking very comfortable rocking out to the smooth jazz beats on his electric guitar.

The spring sees many outdoor events on the St. Michaels campus, as students take advantage of the sunny and warm weather to promote a great cause and have fun in the name of service.  The 30 hour famine is an annual event that raises money and brings awareness to world hunger.  Here are some words from regarding St. Michaels’ involvement in the fundraiser:

“Last month, our school took part in World Vision’s 30 Hour Famine once again, and had one of our best participation rates ever. This year, more than 40 students took part in the event by giving up food or technology for 30 hours, raising more than $1,000, and spreading awareness of the global cause around the community.”

Next Friday students will also take part in another fundraiser, the Walk For Water.  Free the Children puts on this annual event to raise awareness for the 780 million people without access to clean drinking water and to raise money for our adopted village, Ngosuani, in Kenya. The SMUS version of Walk for Water packed with fun activities to make it an entertaining and fulfilling event.



The service events keep on coming in May, as the Keep the Beat fundraiser in support of War Child Canada falls on the final Friday of the month.  Here is a description and pictures from last years event taken by Barnacle House senior, Song Panvichean.

“As a school we take our fundraising seriously and that has come through especially when we reached $10,000 last year for Keep the Beat. It is evident that people are influenced by facts and statistics of world poverty and issues. However, in the majority of modern societies, music and the arts always have the potential to provoke emotion and help people give big. I am positive War Child Canada will always be grateful for the enthusiasm and financial support we, as a school, have given them. In return, I will always be grateful for the opportunity the Keep the Beat fundraiser has presented me.”

The crowd gathers in the Christine Duke theater for the Keep the Beat lunchtime music performance.
The band carries on the performance in the Crothal archway, wearing the shirts that help to raise money for War Child Canada.

As the students gear up for the long weekend, there is excitement in the house, tempered by some nervousness about exams still to come, and the inevitable crunch of assignments and projects that fill the final month of the school year.  However, spirits are high, and the buoyed by sunny weather the boys in the house sense they are entering the final stretch of the school year.







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