Sr. Soccer: Through the eyes of Callum Montgomery

Throughout the year we will have some of the boys in the house report on different events going on around the school that they are involved with.  This is from Callum, who is a member of the senior soccer program:


            “The senior boys soccer team is off to a good start, heading into the most important part of the year in the next few weeks.  In the past week the boys defeated Claremont 2-1 in an exiting game in the times colonist semi-final. The boys battled hard scoring a late goal that gave them the win. A strong performance from Barnacle’s own young talent, Michelangelo Cernucan, who played aggressively in the back line.  Next week the team is heading to the AA island championship, where hopefully they can win and move on to the provincials that take place in Burnaby.  On November 12 the boys will have a clash of the giants, when they play GNS in the Times Colonist Final. The squad has had some tough games against them and are looking for revenge after a nail bitter of a game last time they met.  With the a few weeks left the team will be training hard looking to try and find the road to glory.”


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