Halloween at SMUS!


Callum, Warren and Michelangelo dressed up for the costume parade in the morning!

Halloween is a big deal at SMUS with a rich tradition of both staff and students dressing up to celebrate the day.  This year was no exception with over 500 bodies crammed into the gym to start the day with a parade.  There were scary costumes, funny costumes, and everything in between.  However, while there were some very creative student outfits, a coordinated staff effort stole the show this morning.  Over 40 staff had rehearsed for weeks in preparation for the day, performing a group “flash mob” dance to Michael Jackson hit, Thriller.  The students were blown away by the performance.

The day also featured lunch time activities in the gym which were run by the prefect council, and were well attended.  Prizes were given out for best costumes, and for a series of games.  The boys of the house were out in style this morning, with almost every boy dressing up, and some going in small groups.  For some this was a normal custom on October 31st, which for others this was the first time they had celebrated the event. 

Tonight the boys will be on campus and the festivities will continue.  The school has hired a local company to put on a fireworks display in the school field, as well the Wenman Pavilion, the schools cricket clubhouse, will be turned into a haunted house for the night for kids to walk through….if they dare.




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