Barnacle Service Activity – Woodwynn Farms

Throughout the year the boys in the house take part in several service activities in the community.  For the past years the boys have helped to clear invasive plant species from Mt. Tolmie, within walking distance from the SMUS campus.  This year we took on a new challenge: clearing blackberry bushes from Woodwynn Farm.  It was difficult work (…as the photos document!) which the boys did with great spirit and enthusiasm.

Here are some photos from the day:


Charles enjoying the work


Mark making friends



The group poses for the shot



Getting some barrow loads


Alex doing some heavy lifting


Duc with and arm load



Max posing for a shot



William not afraid of some hard work



Peter’s “boots”


Barnacle & Winslow Building Dinner

Several times in the year the boys of Barnacle House get to dress sharply and head out on the town to one of the many great restaurants in the downtown area in Victoria.  A highlight of the start of the year is the annual “building” dinner in which the boys also dine with the girls in Winslow House.  This is a very fun event, in which the students get to enjoy great food, in great company.

This year’s building dinner was hosted by The Mint restaurant, which specializes in Nepalese food.  The menu featured a delicious curry, rice, salad and fresh bread.  The atmosphere was outstanding, as the seniors in the house helped to decorate the space.  Great music played during the meal to add to the ambiance.

An outstanding time was had by all, which was captured in these photos.




A great space in a heritage building in the downtown core.


Ken, Albert and Charles after the feast.


The boys kicking back and enjoying some post-dinner conversation.


Lewis and Deon looking satisfied. 


A great mixing of the Barnacle and Winslow Houses.


Harper Daly managed to squeeze into this photo with Barnacle seniors Mark, Peter, Duc and grade 10 Jacob. 


A great atmosphere!


Delicious food. 



Barnacle Head of House, Kelvin Wong enjoying his meal. 


Michael, Rodrigo and Josh strike a pose.


Mark with some of the girls from Winslow House. 


Looking good boys.


House Games # 2

The second house games was this past weekend, under beautiful blue skies.  The air was crisp, and the boys were excited to compete against the other houses in soccer, as well as a few other options for activities.

Soccer games were held on the field at the senior and junior level, as well as in the gym.  Some of the Barnacle boys opted to earn points for the house in the other games on offer; a photo scavenger hunt and an origami competition.  Above all else, the house games are a great chance for the boys to come together and compete along side each other for fun, exercise, and bragging rights over the other houses.  They build camaraderie and add to the positive culture of the boarding community.

Following the house games, there was a community dinner in Brown Hall, which is the custom on the days the house games are hosted.  The dinner was hosted by Bolton House who arranged a great meal for all, served buffet style.  There was live music and trivia to keep the students entertained before and after the meal.

The action packed day ended with a boarding chapel service, which on this occasion was led by Rev. Keven Fletcher.  It was an excellent culmination to a wonderful day.



Barnacle House Junior Boys Soccer Crew


Mark F. delivering a last second pep talk.


Bringing it in for a cheer.


Ken H. getting in on the action.


Indoor soccer.


The indoor soccer squad with Mr. Daly in the foreground. 


A good looking crew.


Senior Soccer 


Ready for action!

Barnacle House Chapel

Throughout the year, each house is tasked with organizing a chapel session to present to the greater boarding community.  These are typically fun, with moments of great speeches, music and often videos edited by the members of the house.  In the past Barnacle House has presented on themes of unity, brotherhood, and last year as our chapel happened to fall on Mother’s Day…a celebration of family.

This year the chapel was framed around the theme of “diversity”.  The idea presented to the community is that the diversity within Barnacle House is what gives us strength, and what makes the house such an interesting and colourful place to live.  In the house this year we have 14 different nations represented under one roof…quite remarkable.

Also, the boys were outfitted with some new Barnacle House hoodies prior to the event!

Here are some photos captured at the chapel…


The embroidered logo on the new house hoodies


Kelvin Wong opening the chapel session.



The boys rewrote a verse from the school song to celebrate the house.



MC’s for the evening, Peter and Duc.


The Finamore brothers with a fantastic piece of music.



Grade 9 student Youssef speaks to the crowd about diversity in the house.



Charles and Yingnou opening the chapel with some breaths.



Tony with the prelude music


Barnacle House!

Terry Fox Run 2017

Every start of the year all of the SMUS boarding students bus down to mile 0 on the Victoria waterfront to participate in one of Canada’s largest fundraisers for cancer research, the Terry Fox Run.

While many from outside of Canada will never have heard of Terry Fox, for those who grew up in our country he is a national hero.  Terry Fox was a young man diagnosed with cancer while studying in university, and instead of giving up hope, pursued a dream to run across Canada, from east to west in order to raise money to protect others against this terrible disease.  It would be rare to find a person who has lived for an extended period in Canada and hasn’t participated in a Terry Fox run.  The event happens throughout the country on the same day, and the run the boys took place in over the weekend is the largest on Vancouver Island.

It was one of the biggest turnouts in recent memory, with thousands lining up to run or walk the 5km course.   Many of the boys gave a great effort to finish as fast as possible, but most importantly, all took part.  On behalf of their participation, the SMUS boarding community makes a donation to the Terry Fox Foundation.


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Barnacle Welcome Week

The first week of boarding is always a wild ride full of events and excitement.  We try to convey to the new boys coming into the house that the intensity of the first week of school does calm into a normal routine.  In the opening days, through various tours, games, workshops and informal activities, the boys see the school, the city and establish relationships with other members in the house…both new and returning.  We have captured many of those events on camera to share with you.

An annual Barnacle event, the city bus tour took place on Wednesday night, which was the first night that all 39 of the boys were in the house.  We toured some local hot spots, visited some nice beaches, and ended the tour downtown for some delicious ice cream.  At one point on the tour, we came across a piano at Cattle Point, and many of the boys stepped up to play a song.  A highlight was an impromptu performance of the school song, led by head boy and Barnacle Senior, Sean Finamore.


On Sunday we had our first House Games of the year, which was called the “House Olympics”.  The boys worked in small groups through a series of stations competing against the other houses.  The games were aimed to get the students having fun, meeting each other…and in some cases, getting wet.  House Games are way for the boys to show pride in Barnacle House and compete for the house cup.

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The boys are now settling in to their first full week of classes, with the routine of the boarding house taking shape.  Most boys have joined first term sports, while others are taking up one of many intramural options.  It is an exciting time of  year, and we have a great energy in the house.  We look forward to keeping you updated on events as they happen in our school and boarding community.


Assistant Houseparent – Evan Fryer

Hi There!DSC_7264.jpeg

My name is Evan Fryer and I am an Assistant House Parent in Barnacle House. This is my 6th year involved in the Boarding Program at SMUS, and it has been wonderful getting to know all of the new boys in the house this last week!

I also teach in the Mathematics Department at the Senior School and coach the Sr. Boys Soccer Team. Outside of SMUS, I referee Professional and Semi-Professional soccer games and love to travel. I also like to ski, and look forward to helping organize the second annual Boarding Ski Trip to Whistler this year!

I can’t wait for an exciting year with the Barnacle boys!